Huel Professional v3.0

Huel Professional is dedicated to people who get routinely drug tested - armed forces, professional athletes and emergency service personnel. Huel Professional is Huel Powder that is batch-tested for banned substances and approved by Informed-Sport.

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Fast food. Not Junk Food.

Nutritious food is vital for a happy, healthy life, but we are all leading increasingly busy lives. So what we need is a meal that is both nutritionally complete and convenient. Huel Powder is all this and much more.

Complete nutrition

Carbs, fats, protein, fibre, 26 essential vitamins & minerals.


Sustainable vegan ingredients. Zero animal products.


A complete meal in seconds. No prep, no cooking.


From only 16 kr per meal Subscribe and save 10%.

What goes in Huel Powder

And much more...

Zero animal products
Free delivery
1 year shelf life
Omega 3 and 6
Slow-release carbs
MCTs from coconut
Low salt
Palm oil-free
Vegan vitamin D2 and D3
Natural vitamin C (acerola cherries)
Low GI

A balance of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals to give your body all it needs to thrive.

A 400kcal meal of Huel Powder contains a balanced macro split of 37:30:30:3 (carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre) and all the 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive.

Our new Huel Powder v3.0 includes more vitamins and minerals from natural sources like kombucha (B vitamins) and acerola cherry (vitamin C).

Nutritional information
Powder 100%
Carbohydrate 38g
Protein 29g
Fat 13g
Fibre 7g
Vitamins & Minerals 3g

Jack Bridge

What do you do?
I'm an International swimming medalist from Great Britain, my category is S10 SB9 SM10 and I've been swimming at the top level for 8 years. I suffer from severe Haemophilia which has caused to deterioration in certain joints which has left them fairly impaired, as a result I was able to be classified as a para swimmer.

Why do you require Huel Professional?
It's vital as an elite athlete to make sure that there is no chance of any doping violations, therefore Huel professional will give me that peace of mind that what's going into my body is safe and that the performance in the pool is all down to me.

Jonny Anderson

What do you do?
I’m currently a brakeman with the Great Britain Bobsleigh squad competing for a place at the 2018 Winter Olympics. I have been with the GBR squad for 4 years, competing at tracks all over the world including USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and Norway. I also compete for the Royal Air Force Bobsleigh squad. I have been a member of the team for 5 years and part of two Inter service winning squads.

Why do you require Huel Professional?
As an International Athlete and a member of the RAF I need to make sure any products I take are not on the WADA banned list.

100+ million meals sold in 100+ countries.
Lots of happy Hueligans.

We've already sold over 100 million meals' worth of Huel. Find out below what our Huelers say, and try it for yourself.


Based on over 7,000 reviews.

Mirella Ella

Life saver !!

Life saver !!

"I have had problems with my appetite back and forth for several years due to stress, mental illness, etc. and I skipped many meals because of it. Thanks to Huel, I can always get what I need, no matter where I am or what I am doing."


Innovative and revolutionary!

Innovative and revolutionary!

"Quite simply a top product from a top company that pushes development forward and that thinks holistically about food. Then add one of the best customer service experiences ever and you have Huel in a nutshell."

Jonatan Dehnisch

Superb customer service and product

Superb customer service and product

"Superb customer service, good product and excellent order. A damn wonderful overall experience and will be a customer for years to come."


Life has become so much easier

Life has become so much easier

"With the help of Huel, I have become much more alert and less hungry during the day. When you live a really stressful life, it really helps to be able to have Huel with you."

Mi Rylander

The best thing since I became vegan!

The best thing since I became vegan!

"I have been looking for a long time for a way to get protein in me without it tasting bad, even before I actually became vegan. A big plus for Huel is the taste and because you get all the vitamins that you need. Also, I really appreciate not having to cook twice a day as I have done throughout my adult life. Thanks Huel."

Daniel Karlsson

Huel for breakfast for a year

Huel for breakfast for a year

"I've been drinking Huel for breakfast for almost a year. From never eating breakfast, to getting a nutritious diet, it has helped me in my well-being. Very pleased!"

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