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Version History

Huel Powder

Huel Powder v1.0

Our first version of Huel Powder was released in 1 flavour, Vanilla (now Original), back on 17th June 2015. Since then, our product development team have been hard at work to keep improving the formula, taste, and Huel experience for our Hueligans.

Huel Powder v1.0 label

Huel Powder v1.1

Huel Powder v1.1 was announced on 7th September 2015, and released shortly after. We didn't include many changes from the original formula, but we did change the source of some of the ingredients. The nutritional information and formula was tweaked very slightly to better reflect these changes.

We released a new product on 12th October 2015, Huel Powder Unflavoured & Unsweetened. Almost identical to Huel Powder Vanilla (now Original), the only difference was that Unflavoured & Unsweetened contained no flavour or sweeteners. Hueligans could now add their own flavours, with the option of avoiding sweeteners altogether.

Huel Powder v1.1 label

Huel Powder v1.1 Unflavoured & Unsweetened label

Huel Powder v1.2

Huel Powder v1.2 was launched in November 2015. This version only included 1 change, but it was an important one. After extensive customer feedback suggested that some Hueligans would prefer a less sweet taste, the sweetness of Huel Powder Vanilla (now Original) was dropped from 12.5%, to 3%.

Huel Powder v1.2 Vanilla label

Huel Powder v1.2 Unflavoured & Unsweetened label

Huel Gluten-free v1.2

On 22nd April 2016, Huel Gluten-free was released on a trial basis. This new version was exactly the same as Huel Powder, but the oats were grown and processed in a gluten-free environment. Though initially just a trial, on 24th June 2016, it was announced that Huel Gluten-free would become a permanent feature.

Huel Gluten-free v1.2 Vanilla label

Huel Gluten-free v1.2 Unflavoured & Unsweetened label

Huel Powder v2.0

Huel Powder v2.0 was launched on 22nd July 2016. Our largest change to date, although the main ingredients remained unchanged, the amount of each of them was tweaked. The improvements included:

  1. Addition of Lutein and Zeaxanthin - These 2 phytonutrients are antioxidants that occur naturally in nature, and have both been shown that they may have a role in eye health.
  2. Addition of Lycopene - Lycopene is a naturally occurring carotenoid phytonutrient with a range of benefits including slowing the ageing process, reducing cardiovascular disease risk, and reducing the risk of some cancers.
  3. More vitamins and minerals from natural food sources - We were able to reduce the amounts of some of the added vitamins and minerals in our bespoke vitamin and mineral blend.
  4. Replaced Folic Acid with L-methylfolate Calcium (1,000 times more expensive than folic acid) - We are now using L-methylfolate calcium, the biologically active form of folate instead of synthetic folic acid.
  5. Optimised the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 polyunsaturates - We tweaked the ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturates to an optimum ratio for cardiovascular health.
  6. Xylitol is now the principal carrier for our bespoke vitamin and mineral blend - Previously the principal carrier was maltodextrin, but in v2.0, we replaced this with xylitol a natural ingredient.
  7. Addition of finely ground sea salt - We added a small amount of finely ground sea salt to help maintain adequate sodium intake.

Read our Huel v2.0 - The Principal Changes article.

Huel Powder v2.0 Vanilla label

Huel Powder v2.0 Unflavoured & Unsweetened label

Huel Gluten-free v2.0 Vanilla label

Huel Gluten-free v2.0 Unflavoured & Unsweetened label

Huel Powder v2.1

Huel Powder v2.1 was launched on 1st November 2016. As before, the main ingredients remained unchanged. Instead, the improvements were:

  1. Removal of Sodium Fluoride - Fluoride is an essential nutrient and is crucial for dental health. However, the inclusion of fluoride in Huel was unpopular so we felt we should listen to our consumers and remove it.
  2. Addition of Vitamin K2 - In Huel Powder v1.2 and v2.0, the requirements for vitamin K were met from the vitamin K1. However, additional advantages from consuming vitamin K2 have been demonstrated and thus was added on top of the K1 that was present in v2.0.
  3. Switching back to cyanocobalamin as our B12 source - We switched back to cyanocobalamin as our B12 source in v2.1 due to concerns over its bio availability.
  4. Removal of sea salt

Read our Huel v2.1 - The Principal Changes article.

On 15th February 2017, we announced the inclusion of a finer grade of flaxseed to Huel Powder. This didn't change the nutritional profile, but it did mean the particle size of the flaxseed in Huel Powder was made smaller in line with customer feedback.

Huel Powder v2.1 Vanilla label

Huel Powder v2.1 Unflavoured & Unsweetened label

Huel Gluten-free v2.1 Vanilla label

Huel Gluten-free v2.1 Unflavoured & Unsweetened label

Huel Powder v2.2

Huel Powder v2.2 was launched on 28th April 2017. Again, the 6 main ingredients (oats, rice, pea, flaxseed, sunflower, and coconut) remain unchanged. Instead, the improvements focused on the vitamin and mineral blend, and gums, and included:

  1. Removing carrageenan and improving the texture
  2. Starting using natural D-alpha tocopherol acetate as our additional vitamin E source
  3. Changing to retinol acetate for vitamin A
  4. Increasing the level of vitamin B12
  5. Increasing the amount of vitamin D
  6. Changing to calcium citrate as our source of additional calcium
  7. Switching the principal carrier of the vitamin and mineral blend to maltodextrin

On 25th September 2017, we slightly changed Huel Powder v2.2. We removed calcium citrate as a source of additional calcium, which was replaced with calcium carbonate to help improve the consistency of Huel Powder.

Read our Huel v2.2 - The Principal Changes article.

Huel Powder v2.2 Vanilla label

Huel Powder v2.2 Unflavoured & Unsweetened label

Huel Gluten-free v2.2 Vanilla label

Huel Gluten-free v2.2 Unflavoured & Unsweetened label

Huel Powder v2.3

Huel Powder v2.3 was launched on 27th December 2017. The main ingredients remained unchanged, but we made a number of nutritional improvements:

  1. Now includes plant-based vitamin D3
  2. Increased folate content
  3. More potassium
  4. Even greater amount of additional choline
  5. Further improved omega-3:6 fatty acid ratio

With this launch came the new Vanilla flavour. The original Huel Powder Vanilla was renamed to Huel Powder Original.

Read our Huel v2.3 - The Principal Changes article.

On 3rd April 2018, we launched a new flavour of our Huel Powder and Gluten-free - Coffee, containing real roasted coffee with a hint of vanilla flavour.

On 19th June 2018, we launched Huel Power and Gluten-free Berry - with the taste of sweet strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry.

On 18th December 2018, we launched Huel Powder and Gluten-free Mint Chocolate - a delicious chocolate flavour with a twist of refreshing mint.

Then, on 16th April 2019, we launched our new rich and indulgent Chocolate flavour Huel Powder. 

Huel Ready-to-drink

Huel Ready-to-drink v1.0

Due to continual requests since we launched Huel Powder to have a premixed version, we launched Huel Ready-to-drink on 27th December 2018 in 2 flavours - Vanilla and Berry. Each 500ml bottle contains 400kcal and at least 20% of the Nutrient Reference Values of all vitamins and minerals as well as being high in protein, low in sugar and salt, a source of fibre, and includes phytonutrients. We also paid careful consideration to our bottle and had our own unique design that is widely recyclable.

Huel Bar

Huel Bar v1.0

The Huel Bar first went on sale in December 2016, our first foray into producing a nutritionally complete solid food. As with all of our products, we're constantly trying to innovate and listen to customer feedback, and the Huel Bar is no different. 

Huel Bar v1.1 

Huel Bar v1.1 was launched on 13th April 2017. After customer feedback suggested the bars were slightly dry, we adjusted the macronutrient profile to increase the moistness of the bars. We also switched the oats to gluten-free. 

Huel Bar v1.1 label

Huel Bar v1.2

We launched Huel Bar v1.2 in November 2017. We slightly increased the levels of some of the micronutrients so each 70g bar was at least 15% of the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) of all vitamins and minerals. This gives us the option to sell Huel Bars individually in retail outlets.

Huel Bar v2.0

On 27th December 2017 we launched a brand new version of the Huel Bar with a much softer texture. It was felt that v1.0 was too dry and crumbly, so we developed a bar with a much improved texture whilst maintaining the great nutritional qualities. Huel Bar v2.0 is high fibre (7.5g per bar), high protein (15.5g per bar), contains all 26 vitamins and minerals, is a source of omega-3 fats, vegan and gluten-free.

Huel Bar v2.0 label

Huel Bar v3.0

On 30th January 2019 we launched another improved version of our Huel Bar. This version had an even softer and more 'squidgy' texture and was less prone to drying out. The main motivation for this update was to improve the texture, but there were some nutritional tweaks including higher omega-3 and -6 fatty acid and vitamin D levels.

Huel Granola

Huel Granola v1.0

We launched Huel Granola in January 2018 as the world’s first nutritionally complete cereal, available in Original and Berry flavours.

Huel Granola v1.1

Huel Granola v1.1 had the same nutritional values as v1.0, but we changed the manufacturing process and tweaked the ratios of some ingredients. The result was an improved texture and more golden-brown Granola.

Flavour Boosts

On 27th October 2015 we launched our Flavour Boosts. These came in 4 flavours; Strawberry, Toffee, Rhubarb & Custard, and Mocha, and could be added to Huel Powder to give Hueligans variety of flavour. The Flavour Boosts, whilst still being vegan, also contained no sucralose, instead using the natural plant based sweetener stevia.

We launched 3 more flavours on 17th February 2016, including Chocolate, Banana, and Pineapple & Coconut.

We launched 2 more flavours on 8th December 2016, including Cacao, and Matcha Tea.

On 12th May 2017, we launched a Taster Pack of 2-3g samples of our most popular Flavour Boosts, giving Hueligans the chance to try before buying a full pouch.

In December 2017, we launched our Caramel flavour.

In February 2018, we launched our Mint Chocolate flavour.

Then, in July 2018, we launched our new and improved Strawberry and Caramel flavours. 

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