How the New Discount Affects Your Subscription

We’re changing the way we apply volume discounts to your Huel orders to be as clear, easy and simple as possible.

This is how our our new volume discount plan works:

Get an extra 10% off your order when you spend 1200 kr

IMPORTANT: This does not change how your other discounts work!

Your subscription discount isn't going anywhere, just like our discounts for students, military, first responders, and medical staff. Nothing else is changing.

How the new system works

In the past, you had to purchase multiple units of the same item to gain an extra discount. But guess what? We've heard you loud and clear! Our new discount setup lets you enjoy savings across our entire range. No need to worry about quantity – product prices stay fixed, and your discount is applied at the end. Plus, the more you spend, the more you save.

Effective Date: 12th December

Price list

Products Price per unit - Subscription (kr) Price per unit - One Off (kr)
Powder v3.1 374.50 kr 468.00 kr
Powder v3.1 (Cinnamon Roll) 410.00 kr 512.50 kr
Black Edition Powder 409.50 kr 512.00 kr
Black Edition Powder (Cinnamon Bun, Cookies & Cream) 445.00 kr 556.50 kr
Gluten-free Powder 409.50 kr 512.00 kr
Essential 330.00 kr 412.50 kr
Professional 389.50 kr 487.00 kr
Complete Protein 360.00 kr 450.00 kr
Instant Meals 289.00 kr 361.50 kr
Instant Meals (Carbonara) 323.68 kr 404.50 kr
Instant Meals Pots 390.00 kr 487.50 kr
Complete Nutrition Bars 266.00 kr 332.50 kr


Managing Your Subscription

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