Huelwear: 5-year guarantee

Everything we make is built to last. If it doesn’t, then we’ll replace or repair it. 

Waste is the fashion industry’s dirty secret. The equivalent of a rubbish truck full of clothes is buried or burned every second, and only 12% of the material in clothing ends up being recycled. That’s because fast fashion has created a culture where clothes are designed to be thrown away. Shifting trends, poor materials and exploitative production methods all make for clothing that doesn’t last more than a few wears. These clothes are often so badly made that people would rather discard them than repair them.

At Huelwear, we do things differently. We craft timeless, high-quality clothing that’s made for life. That’s why we’re proud to offer a 5-year guarantee on all our Huelwear products.

What’s covered?

If you have bought an item of Huelwear and it hasn’t performed as it should, we will repair or replace it.

This includes manufacturing defects such as:

  • material splitting;
  • fasteners breaking;
  • stitching coming away; 
  • extreme colour loss.

What’s not covered?

After several years of use, your Huelwear items will naturally develop that much-loved look and feel. Things like fraying cuffs or fade marks on your jeans are just signs that you’ve loved and lived in your clothes. That’s to be expected – our 5-year guarantee doesn’t cover general wear and tear. We also don’t cover accidental damage – if your dog rips your jeans, then we’re sorry, but that’s on him.

How do I claim?

  1. Contact us with your proof of purchase and photos of the damage.
  2. We’ll respond with details of how to send your product to us. 
  3. If the damage is covered by the guarantee we’ll let you know and set about repairing it. We’ll replace anything we can’t repair, then recycle the original item. If the style or colour you’ve returned to us is no longer available then we’ll offer you an alternative of equivalent value. 
  4. If the damage isn’t covered by the guarantee we’ll let you know and return the item free of charge.

Claims under the Huelwear 5-year guarantee are separate from and in addition to your legal rights. If you have an issue with any Huelwear item and you do not wish to make use of the guarantee, please contact us.

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